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The Tin Whistle Player

The rain dripped from the brim of his well-worn hat. The pockets of his long tattered coat bulged with his rations for that day. He shuffled from foot to foot in a futile effort to keep the cold at bay. His grubby fingers crushed a Woodbine cigarette as they moved effortlessly over the notes of his battered tin whistle.

Glenco Stag

The temperatures were sub zero on Buchaille Etive Mor, in the valley of Glenco. The wind chill penetrated my layers of clothing and my fingers froze on the cold chrome of my camera. I had seen this majestic stag on various occasions over a number of days and for me he encapsulated the beauty and the harshness of this rugged landscape.

The Monks of Mount Melleray Abbey

The ringing of the Church Bells broke the silence of the night as I listened to the soft pitter-patter of rain against the window.

The whistling of the wind and the rustling from the trees were pre dawn indicators of the inclement weather outside my sanctuary. I looked at my watch – my blurry eyes registered the time at 4 am.

Pa McCarthy

The young Traveller stood at the corner, legs crossed, trying to look nonchalant. He had sleek black hair, wore pin-stripped trousers and had an open neck shirt under a mock leather jacket. His collar was turned up, Elvis style; very much the lad about town.

The Animal Lover

The boy sat nestled in a doorway with his animals around him. His broken boots indicated that money was scarce. The tears flowed freely down the young lad’s face, his sobs were deep, and he was inconsolable as he stared into space. Much to his horror and to his father’s delight, the two turkeys that sat beside him had just been sold.

Old Moll

Time stood still for Mary White. A dark lonely boreen led to the Spartan farmhouse that was her home for close on one hundred years. Her unmarried brother had died some time previously and she lived alone. A paraffin lamp lit the darkness and the open fire was constantly ablaze.

The last two months…

The last few months have been something of an eye-opener in photographic terms. Since its launch my website has attracted visitors from over 40 countries throughout the globe. It peaked at over eight hundred hits in one day last month and the interest in my photographs of the Milk Market has been phenomenal. In July […]

Limerick Leader

The following are PDF excerpts from the Limerick Leader feature articles over the space of two weeks in July 2011. Click on the box next to the magnifying glass to view this PDF in a full screen. These images are all featured in the Limerick Market in the 1970’s and Ireland in the 1970’s sections […]

Welcome to this website.

  This is a brand-new website, launched on the day of my profile on RTÉs Capital D programme. It will be updated soon with much more content but, in the meantime, it features images taken on recent trips to Cambodia, Italy and Ethiopia. If you are interested in learning more, simply drop me an email […]